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                Terms & Conditions



By booking our services you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

All prices are fixed.Just when booking multiple services in the same day discount may be possible.

All our specialists are equiped with water and electricity but we may ask where possible to plug in an extention lead to reduce poluation.

It is customer`s duty to collect all the personal belongings before beginning the service. Neither Specialist nor the Company are responsible of any missing or damaged items left in the vehicle.Any lost personal belongings found in between seats or elseware will be placed in the glovebox or boot.


It is customers duty to check the vehicle for any existing damage inside and outside before beginning the service. The Specialist will let you know about any visible damage.


We do not service any vehicle that has been involved in accidents.


We have rights to take photos of the vehicle if necessary.


After completion of any service we will invite you to inspect your vehicle to confirm acceptance! After acceptance has been confirmed we consider that the service has been successfully completed.


All time slots are relative and we can`t guarantee an exact time of service, some services may take more time to complete and traffic is something that we can`t control.


Customers can cancel or reschedule any booking not less than 24hours before the actual booking to avoid any Fees.


In case of reschedule and the Specialist has arrived at the destination an extra fee of £30 will be added.

In case of reschedule followed by an cancelation, 50% of the service price will be charged.


Cancelation in less than 24Hours a fee of 50% of the service price will be charged, no refundable.

Cancellations must be made in writing by email or text message.

If the vehicle is in another place than initial booking an extra milage fee will be added.


If the booking is in the “Congestion Charge” area we do ask for extra £27.50 to be paid.

We are not resposible for any damage that has occurred during paint correction if the car has been machine polished before by somebody else.


If on arrival the customer doesn’t answer or is not present at the address provided within 45 min from the initial booking

time, we will automatically reschedule on the next available slot with the customer acceptance and a fee of £30 will be added.

Parking and Car Parks


We will need to park our vehicle next to, behind or in front of your vehicle.

Parking for our vehicle must be arranged by the customer.

Is customer`s responsability to have permission from the car park company or owner for us to work on site, whether it is underground, multi storey or ground level.



All promotions are subject to availability.

Promotions will be available only in the covered areas. Please check our covered areas.

During our promotions all bookings needs to be paid in full, in advance to secure your booking!

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